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IM.brnd was created to represent you. No other brand or accessory in the market represented our voice or culture. Too many choices, too little quality, no emotional connection, and no expression to what makes us human. Other brands products are either too cheap and disposable, overly punctual and nerdy, or just uninspiring. IM.brnd has finally developed the perfect marriage of style and functionality

For iPhones, and many other products, cases defeat the slim, lightweight, and thin designs of the phone... often doubling the original size! IM.brnd set out to create the case for those who WANT a small phone, those who hate how cases look and feel, and those looking to add new real world uses for their phone. With some of the biggest contemporary artists at our design helm alongside our patented technologies, style and functionality is never sacrificed.

IM.brnd: Be different, be yourself, be intelligent.

  • Fashion Design15 shows
  • Graphic Design12 Works
  • Photography03 Years
  • Print and Web04 Projects

WHAT IS IM.brnd?

IM.brnd is who you are. anything you want to be.




im.a one many army

im.all i need

Our patented Intelligent Membranes are not only designed by some of today's most popular contemporary artists, are easy to apply and remove (plus are reusable), are extremely thin, self heal, but actually stick-on to glass like surfaces with our patented one-of-a-kind technology creating an entirely new functionality of your phone. From hands-free driving to getting ready in front of a mirror, IM.brnd has rethought and revolutionized your phone all while giving it an identity unique to you.

Oh yeah, we also decided to do the same with your home button. Now you can not only stand out from the hundreds of millions of other phones in the world, you can operate your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or any device with a home button easier with the tap of a button- even with gloves on.



the IM.brnd store will be available shortly.

Orders will be available late 2012

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